Mental Health

Mindful Movement

Move from a place of love and respect for yourself, move from a place of deserving to feel good, mentally clearer, sharper, energised, strong, calmer. When we stop basing our motives on superficial, society driven & the toxic body image ‘look a certain way’ culture – it becomes a much more free, enjoyable, sustainable and …

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Little You

We all still have that little version of ourselves, tucked away inside. Don’t forget to nourish that part of you too.. She needs it. Being an adult comes with a lot of associated “seriousness”. The best part of healing and accepting who we are, is allowing ourselves to BE that little person now and again. …

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Mental Health

Mental Health…⁣It means something different to everyone. My own has been a journey in itself. An ongoing one, that still has to be taken care of, and worked through. ⁣⁣It meant really starting to understand myself, and that was scary, noticing the patterns, behaviour, and how they affected every single aspect of my life and …

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