I'm Holly - a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, basing my teachings on intuitive living approach - matching movement to how you want to feel, and eating to nourish, not punish. You can usually find me in my boutique studio in central Barcelona, or teaching online. It is my passion to support people to establish a more intuitive relationship with movement, eating, and living. Whilst finding inner confidence, strength and understanding of how incredible they truly are. I work with a small number of one to one clients, and small groups, and host super friendly and supportive group movement classes and workshops both online and in person. It is my mission to give the tools, advice, and inspiration, to remind people how worthy we all are, of feeling fabulous, having fun along the way, and living your life with freedom. 

Integrated Approach

I deliver more than just training. I help you with your lifestyle, mindset, and finding the right balance right for you.


With my extensive qualifications in health, fitness and nutrition, you will be getting the very best care and knowledge every step of the way.


I am here for you, both during and after training sessions. You will feel fully supported and part of a fantastic community throughout your journey.

'All Movement is Good Movement'

A Tailored Approach

Everyone is different

Working on your mindset, with both the food you eat, and the training you do, to ensure you are on the right path for feeling great about YOU!

Celebrating Every Milestone

I want to know YOU!

I work with people who want to embrace their new journey, and work together with me. With regular contact, we will ensure you are celebrating every bit of progress along the way!

Making Movement FUN!

feeling like a badass is always part of your plan!

Never dread movement again, with fun and effective methods, we will try new things together, and do more of what you love!

Find Your Tribe

You are never alone in your journey!

With 121 and Class Options, you can find your tribe, and feel part of something wonderful! With group chats, and support networks, you can always be connected.

Self Care Menu - guided downtime personalised for you.

Fleur Lovejoy

Fleur Lovejoy

Holly is amazing. Her studio is a little haven of happiness for me.
Her sessions were always tailored to meet my goals and keep challenging me.
I went for PT sessions as a duo with a friend and Holly was very conscious to give us both constant focus and encouragement.
Holly herself is bursting with positivity and energy that really helps push you through your workouts, both in and out of sessions. Would highly recommend. 100%

Margarita Bregolat

Margarita Bregolat

I cannot recommend Holly enough!! Having a community to share boxing, dancing, cardio, low impact, toning workouts, makes all the difference, especially during lockdown. Using instagram and youtube videos can get super frustrating as nobody is on the other side and its easy to give up. But having Holly and the group all follow the same movement via interactive Zoom and just seeing each others faces keeps you both accountable during class and so excited for the next session!

Debbie Zammit

Debbie Zammit

I now have a beautiful appreciation of my body - and Holly has brought me here. She offers way more than just PT sessions. Nutrition advice, step-by-step guidance and support. The fitness studio’s just a great place to be in. She’s managed to create a clean, comfortable, inclusive space that spills positivity and keeps you coming back - like a second home. I’ve naturally seen fast progress in my body - but more importantly, I’ve seen it in my mindset. The service she provides goes beyond any other fitness instructor or studio.


Accountability & Intuition

Intuitive Accountability? You’ll often hear me talking about living intuitively. The art of working in unison with your changeable moods and needs each day. But how does that work when holding ourselves accountable? Are they Read more…