Hey, I'm Holly

I am a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, and I work from my Boutique Fitness Studio in central Barcelona. I am dedicated to helping you completely transform the relationship you have with yourself, and your body. If you feel like low confidence controls your life, you’re confused by conflicting information, you want to get fit but have tried everything? I understand. I’ve been there too. I trained in fitness to help myself first, and did, and now I spend my life helping others. Through education and support, I can help you. You deserve more than anything to feel amazing in your own skin.

Integrated Approach

I deliver more than just training. I help you with your lifestyle, mindset, and finding the right balance right for you.


With my extensive qualifications in health, fitness and nutrition, you will be getting the very best care and knowledge every step of the way.


I am here for you, both during and after training sessions. You will feel fully supported, and happy throughout your personal journey.

Take the First Step

My passion is to help men and women establish a brand new relationship with working out. I want to help as many people as possible, find their confidence, and completely fall back in love with their bodies. I work together with my clients, to create more confident, healthier versions of themselves, one step at a time. Whether you already work out, or you are brand new to fitness, it is my mission to help you!
A Tailored Approach

A Tailored Approach

Everyone is different

Technique building can completely change your workout effectiveness. In my training, we will work on helping you make the most of exercising!

Celebrating Every Achievement

Celebrating Every Achievement

tracking our goals

With your own personal progress report, we will track how far you have come on your journey, and celebrate every milestone!

Make Exercise FUN!

Make Exercise FUN!

smiling is also good for your health!

Never dread training again, with fun and effective training, you will be laughing your way to confidence!

Push Past Limits

Push Past Limits

do what you thought you once couldn't

Step by step, we will push past boundaries, helping you achieve the goals we planned for. Each session will take you one step closer, and ensure you feel super rewarded for all your hard work!

Client satisfaction is what drives me forward. It is so important that they are given the very best service, and are ultimately happy with their training experience with me.
Michiel van Deursen

Michiel van Deursen

impact investor & ironman finisher

"Holly is absolutely the best personal trainer there is. She makes training fun and entertaining. The many different techniques let me go further every time, I even completed my first Ironman this year and she got me there. She makes me expand my limits. My life has changed because of her sessions, I lost a lot of weight, I look better and changed my attitude about sport and food in a very positive way.
I have never been this healthy! Thank you Holly, you are truly inspiring!"

Taylor Pakulla

Taylor Pakulla


"One of the most amazing personal trainers I have got the pleasure to work with, Holly knows how to motivate you & push you in ways that are right for you! The environment of the studio is amazing and the classes and personal training sessions are great! I look forward to every session and my results are exactly what I have always wanted!"

Debbie Zammit

Debbie Zammit

Content Strategist

"I now have a beautiful appreciation of my body - and Holly has brought me here. She offers way more than just PT sessions. Nutrition advice, step-by-step guidance and support. The fitness studio’s just a great place to be in. She’s managed to create a clean, comfortable, inclusive space that spills positivity and keeps you coming back - like a second home. So I’ve naturally seen fast progress in my body - but more importantly, I’ve seen it in my mindset. The service she provides goes beyond any other fitness instructor or studio."


Fitness & Lockdown

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Feeling Anxious

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