I bet she does that…

How many times do we make up stories about other people in our head? I bet they do this.. I bet he said that.. I bet she does that… or even worse, we judge people on their past, mistakes, or different beliefs to ours.. it’s usually a lot about feeling inferior, and nothing about them. But we build an image, to project how we feel, onto others.

It’s a really simple form of release for us. It’s in our psychological make up to do it. To feel better about the many things that may be happening in our lives, beyond our control, we focus on something that might annoy us slightly, and make it our mission to project onto it. Usually, ‘it’, is another person.

It’s okay not to be the same. Move past those thought processes that hold resentment, or bitterness towards others. It is only ever going to hold YOU back, never ever the other person.

Freedommmm! We are all just human beings. We do our best with the information we have at that time. That’s all…we are quite simple really!

Let’s try and move forward with more compassion and more acceptance for each other. If 2020 has proved anything about humanity, it is this.