Defining Ourselves

Published by Holly Barber on

Do you ever find yourself trying to define who you are? I am this, or that, and then feeling swayed to the direct opposite, and feeling conflicted? Me too.

Sometimes I think we, and society, and others around us, put us into boxes. To be a certain thing, or way. I even see it with industries – you should be like this because your work is this… it can be exhausting. We are constantly evolving, and figuring out who we are, and honestly, my mood can change by the hour. That is OK. It is all allowed, and accepted. Go with it.

Find me somewhere between extrovert and introvert.

Find me somewhere between inspiring others and needing inspiration.

Find me somewhere between being the life of the party and hiding at home.

Find me somewhere between boxing for adrenaline, and meditating for calm.

Find me somewhere between craving for waves, and longing for mountain air.

Find me somewhere between being the boss, and needing support.

Find me somewhere between independent woman, and swooning in my mans arms.

Nobody said we can’t have it all. Nobody said you had to choose. Just do you. ALL of it. Every piece, every day, every mood…