Staycation & Workation

After the lockdown had lifted – although relieved – I also felt like I missed it a little. I know – how strange! But I think I enjoyed the slower, stay at home way of life. Even though I was lucky enough to be able to work most days during lockdown, my life seemed calm, relaxed, and I was able to be creative again, so after being sick, it felt like such a treat. But, I did miss the adventure side of life. I love to travel, and after so many trips got cancelled this year, we were eager to get on the road!

We road tripped down the south of Spain, to Gibraltar, and had a trip to Portugal too! It was such a unique experience, to be around these usually bustling places, now empty, not a soul in sight in some places. You have to feel sorry for the industries that usually rely on tourism, but this was such a unique opportunity. I loved it being so quiet!

I was also able to work during the trip. Going online for my classes and one to one clients has meant I can truly work from anywhere! As much as I love my studio vibe, it gives me much more to offer, and so much more flexibility for both me, and my busy clients! It was fantastic to be able to connect, guide and stay in touch with my members, wherever we are!