Little You

We all still have that little version of ourselves, tucked away inside. Don’t forget to nourish that part of you too.. She needs it.

Being an adult comes with a lot of associated “seriousness”. The best part of healing and accepting who we are, is allowing ourselves to BE that little person now and again. To play, live without apology, listen to what we need, and just BE. To feed our passions, dream with imagination, and be creative.
I’d love to tell this little Holly that everything will be ok. You’re stronger than you can imagine. You’re doing so great. It’ll all work out. You are more than enough, and just embrace being a child – growing up will wait.

More and more these days I am retreating to simple living, the simple, slower and more authentic way of living. Just doing what feels good, and letting the rest flow.
A great exercise to start to do this, is to ask yourself, if you could go back – what is one thing you’d love to tell little you? And if you could do 5 things that make you feel more connected to the childlike you inside, what would they be?