Class Timetable

Join our community and enjoy small group classes, coax out your inner child, release the badass within, move your body & have some fun! Class descriptions below. Suitable for every level.

Studio Classes: €10
Online Classes: €5







Learn the moves, enjoy the release – the ever popular boxing class that gets the blood pumping whilst having the most fun! A perfect playlist & disco vibes – learn great technique & all the combos! No experienced required.

Let’s MOVE! The best way to shake off the day, and completely let loose with some DANCING like nobody is watching, from either the studio or from home. Each week, a new playlist, with the best vibes to make you smile, and sweat! A mixture of styles from Zumba, aerobics, salsa, and freestyle! 

What is better than moving your body, allowing endorphins to flow, feeling powerful, and strong – and then bringing it all down for some gorgeous stretching and releasing meditation. Enjoy this class either online, or at the studio. For online option, you will need a set of weights, and a mat, and why not set up a little sacred space for the meditation, with candles and incense at the ready.

Barre has become so popular in recent years, and it’s because it is such a fun, dynamic and new way to move our body! In this class, we will do some ballet inspired moves, to a great playlist, a gorgeous way to stretch into a new day. Online and studio option available. For online class, you will need some small weights – 1kg is perfect.

The best way to start the weekend! Circuit class in the studio – a full body workout, with all the equipment and styles – from weights, kettlebells, spinning, TRX and more! Let’s move in style! 

Ahh weekend is here, and it’s time to unlock those zen vibes, with a whole body, meditative deep stretch. Be guided and assisted, focussing on wherever needs it most.

The perfect Sunday evening practice. Stretch your body, calm your mind with Lauren at the studio. Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that will calm your nervous system as we flow from the Yang energy of the day into the Yin energy of the evening. Candles, incense, and all the beautiful relaxing vibes to end one week, and start another.


Book your Class Pass for €45, and enjoy €50 worth of classes!
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  • Save time & book ahead
  • Get 1 class FREE!


Book your Class Pass for €90, and enjoy €100 worth of classes!
  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Save time and book ahead
  • Get 1 or 2 classes FREE
save €10