‘All Movement is good Movement’
Join me online to move your body, & have some fun!
See below for class descriptions:


18:30 Move & Groove

08:30 Barre Dance
18:30 Lifted

18:30 Level Up – Circuits

08:00 Metafit
08:30 Wake up Yoga with Lauren
18:30 Boxfit

10:00 Weekend Mash Up


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Spring Class Timetable:

MOVE & GROOVE (Online)
Monday Evening 18:30 – 19:15 (CET)
€5 per person

Let’s DANCE! Leave your inhibitions at the door, and join us online for some fun! Moving your body doesn’t have to be so serious, and with this class, you will have guaranteed smiles, sweat, and a great feeling! Imagine dancing with your friends to your favourite tunes, from 70s to Disney themed and everything in between! The most popular and feel good class – perfect for a Monday!

Tuesday Morning 08:30 – 09:00 (CET)
€5 per person

BARRE has become so popular, and that’s because it has the moves to make your body work hard, increase strength, stamina, but also a super fun way to move! Join me on Tuesday mornings for this full body movement, for a great, strong feeling guaranteed! Move your body to the beat, using small weights (1kg recommended) and enjoy the great ever changing playlist, whilst getting your brain switched on ready for the day ahead!

LIFTED (Online)
Tuesday Evening 18:30-19:15 (CET)
€5 per person

For this split class, you need a set of dumbbells (between 2-4kg is perfect!), or use something around the house, like some water bottles, cans, or tins! Be creative! We will learn the best technique, powerful moves no matter what your level, and give your body a treat! Never used weights? It’s ok! This class is suitable for everyone. We will end with a long & relaxing deep stretch, your muscles and mind will be happy!

Wednesday Evening 18:30-19:15 (CET)
€5 per person

In this circuit style class, we will use what you have at home! With both rep based work, and timed work, we will understand great technique, in a circuit style movement! Suitable for all levels, but especially perfect for those who want the extra push and advance their weight skills.

Equipment needed: dumbbells. Equipment optional: kettlebells, bar.

WAKE UP & FLOW YOGA with Lauren (Online)
Thursday Morning 08:30-09:15 (CET)
€5.50 per person

Breathe in, Breathe out… the perfect morning routine! Learn basic yoga, whilst engaging your body with a great movement routine. Get your flow on with Lauren from the comfort of your own home. Wake up and connect to yourself, and get your muscles and mind awakened. Light some incense, and create the perfect space to feel moved, refreshed, and ready for your day ahead.

BOXFIT (Online)
Thursday Evening 18:30 – 19:30 (CET)
€5 per person

Our second weekly instalment of BADASS. A sweaty, cardio driven, full body experience to the best beats! Have some boxing fun with me from home! Move to the beat, learn killer boxing techniques – kickboxing, knee work, jabs, crosses, combos! No equipment necessary, and don’t worry about rhythm, its suitable for all! You just need you, your body, a smile, and that badass attitude I know is in you! Both Boxing classes will be different.

Saturday Morning 10:00 – 10:45 (CET)
€5 per person

The PERFECT taster session, and a great way to wake up, & move your whole body with me… it’s time to RISE into your weekend and get the blood flowing, with this MISH MASH session – we will lift weights, dance, move & strengthen. No repeats, a feel good playlist, and the vibes you love! End with a gorgeous deep stretch to RISE into your weekend…


Upon starting your class journey, you will have the option to join the HBPT Community. A Facebook and WhatsApp group, with lots of other members, to share your journey, gain access to trainings, and indeed support each other along the way, as well as staying connected and updated. Become part of something wonderful – where you will be welcomed by the most amazing people! A great place for accountability too! 

Latest Reviews:

I’ve been training with Holly a few years now and I have always loved how much energy she brings to the sessions. Not being able to leave the house the past few months, I didn’t have much motivation, but Holly has been able to bring just as much energy with online PT and classes as she does to the studio! Thank’s Holly, for keeping me motivated and working me just as hard!

Sophie Begloo

Holly’s Move and Groove class was the highlight of my lockdown and beyond. No matter how busy and stressed I have been during the days, moving and shaking it out to come uplifting tunes has left me feeling lighter and smiling from ear to ear! I am SO glad the online classes are here to stay, it makes fitting movement into an otherwise busy schedule so much easier! Thanks Holly!

Lauren Brady

I cannot recommend Holly enough!! Having a community to share boxing, dancing, cardio, low impact, toning workouts, makes all the difference, especially during lockdown. Using instagram and youtube videos can get super frustrating as nobody is on the other side and its easy to give up. But having Holly and the group all follow the same movement via interactive Zoom and just seeing each others faces keeps you both accountable during class and so excited for the next session!

Margarita Bregolat

Holly’s online classes are SO much fun and sweat guaranteed! My favourite ones are Tuesdays Move & Groove for the ultimate feel good session, and BOXFIT for the sweat and heart race! No matter the class, I always work out really hard and end up feeling amazing about myself and the progress I am making.

Anna Caravaca Roura

Holly is just a dream! A true professional, she adapts classes to meet everyone’s needs and creates a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere. Always a pleasure, (and a bit painful in a good way…) to attend Holly’s classes! I have noticed a big difference in my fitness and physical shape, and mindset. Loving the online classes – can’t recommend enough!

Samera Oulkadi

I highly recommend Holly as a trainer, you will not regret it! She will literally make you want a fitter you, and loving working out! She is always available for advice, motivational words, inspiring cooking recipes and she just gives you a new perspective on fitness and food which are my personal challenges. So I urge you to give it a try and see and feel it for yourself!

Anissa Nadiri

Holly is an awesome trainer! So full of energy, knowledge and positivity. She totally made me not only stick to a training schedule (everyone else failed), but to actually enjoy it and look forward to it, and built the best little community around that studio is just the best! So happy I have found this!

Rozalina Burkova

As a single mum returning to exercise after a few years, Holly’s online classes are perfect! I don’t have to worry about childcare and I leave the sessions feeling stronger, sweaty, energised and so happy. Thank you Holly!

Nicola Marsh

Holly’s studio is so much more than a fitness studio. It is a community of people from all around the world. Every single person that comes to the classes or personal session is welcomed with open arms. I walk in feeling so excited to see Holly and I would leave with a huge smile on my sweaty face! Even through lockdown, Holly has kept our spirits high with online classes, a space to talk, and even quiz nights! She’s an amazing person and I am so happy I found the studio and gained a valued friend in Holly.

Rebecca Litherland