Mahalo Retreats

An immersive, nourishing experience in a unique environment. 360′ views of nothing but nature. 100 acres of private land to experience. A paradise of forests, lakes, wildlife and tranquility. The perfect backdrop for being looked after. Offering both bespoke experiences for businesses and private groups, and a chance to gift yourself a spot on open retreats, to meet new people and experience Mahalo. 

The story...

A dream come true. My partner and I dreamt of having a slice of land and a retreat from the world for many years. A home submerged in nature. We fell in love with this space on our very first visit, and named it Mahalo, after a visit to Hawaii in 2017, the word stuck with us, and we loved the meaning: ‘gratitude, and thankful’. We now split our time between here and Barcelona. The land provides many projects, some of which have started already, and we love to take our guests along for the adventure, and feel a part of it. Re-wilding is our main priority, we believe Mother Nature knows best, and we can give a helping hand where possible to ensure the best chance here. 

Our home is modern, whilst still encapsulating Portuguese style and pace. Modern, with a taste of nature and love in every room. We have decorated to our style, and have tried to incorporate the beautiful colours and style of the nature around us, inside the home. All the rooms have different names derived from the land, including the Lavender room, Olive room, Oak room, and Mimosa.

a taste of mahalo

Everything here from the food we eat to the materials in our home are fully plant based. We believe in a vegan lifestyle and love to share that with our guests. During retreats, we will enjoy delicious banquets with locally grown produce, BBQ nights, freshly baked bread, home baked cookies… food is a real passion of mine, and I love to share this compassionate, intuitive way of enjoying it.

Retreat Options - dates for 2023 coming soon...

Retreats are available on a bespoke request service, and as a single booking option on the main retreat. Bespoke options include booking for a team, your colleagues, or a group of friends looking for something a little different. A maximum of 6 people per retreat. Personalised to what you will benefit from the most. Services include: personal training, nutrition workshops, massage, business mentor workshops, dance class, boxing, cooking classes, or to simply enjoy your surroundings and be taken care of.