Movement, Mindset & Mantra with Holly & Lauren

We had such a fantastic time at this online retreat! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and helped make it the magical event that it was!

Past workshops:

Raw You | Rooftop Mindset Workshop

12th May 2019 

We had the most incredible and uplifting workshop! We shared ideas and insights on mindfulness, mindset and how to move forward with our lives. Some truly honest and open conversations between women. I sat there at some points just looking at these girls in awe. They had been through a lot, and sat here now enjoying this day for themselves. How powerful.

We then enjoyed a delicious (if I say so myself) lunch, you can find all the recipes here! Ending with a positive mindfulness meditation, with just the beautiful views, and a little nature in the city around us.

Check out the full blog and pictures here!

Lifting for Women | Weights Workshop

16th February 2019

Ever wondered what lifting weights does to the female body? Want to know more about the benefits? This workshop did just that! I want my attendees to feel comfortable in the gym & working with weights for their own personal fitness goals. From learning correct technique, having a go, discussing all the myths, they all come away with a new love for weights! 

We enjoyed some delicious vegan snacks and fruit smoothies afterwards, whilst we chatted and discussed what we learnt together.

Check out my blog on strength training and the benefits here! Plus why WOMEN should be lifting weights!

Self Defence Workshop

17th November 2018

We had a great session and learnt so much. I think it’s so important to feel like you know how to protect yourself, if in the extreme circumstances it’s needed. I’m glad my girls took something away from today and hopefully never need to use it!

Well done everyone for making it a knowledgeable and fun session!  I believe everyone should know these moves and look forward to hosting more workshops in the future!

Raw You – Workout & Yoga – 4th March 2018

We had the best day at this workshop! It was the ultimate treat for the body and mind. Using the best fitness techniques for your body, they enjoyed a full body workout with me – we laughed, we sweat, we learnt new things!

Followed by Yoga with the incredible Rae – stretched & zen. The ladies then enjoyed a guided meditation, including positive mindset affirmations, complete with a lavender pressure point head massage, to really help you relax and unwind.

We finished up the workshop with a delicious smoothie, fruit, nibbles and chatting amongst our new friends!

Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the workshop!

Raw You Health & Nutrition Workshop – 14th January 2018.

A workshop aimed at empowering women with the tools and motivation for a successful & healthy 2018. We learnt about nutrition, fitness, mindset and meditation.

I am so glad the ladies enjoyed the day, made it extra special with their honesty and motivation and talked openly about ourselves. keep a look out for more workshops coming soon!

14th January Raw You Workshop

I am here to help you. My workshops are specifically aimed at providing women like you with a positive relationship with healthy living, enjoying life and loving yourself.