about me

Originally from Manchester, I moved my whole life to Barcelona in 2016. I needed a change. Like so many, I had found myself wishing away my days in a job I didn’t like, I felt trapped and needed to escape. I had recently retrained to follow my passion of nutrition and exercise for every body… 

In 2012, I suffered some major health scares, including blood clots in my lungs and heart. My mental health spiralled. I needed to start to look after myself and embarked upon the journey of joyful movement and compassionate living. I soon realised I had a huge desire to share this with others and help them feel this immense power that came with it. 

my mission

After working with people in Barcelona parks, beaches, in their homes, and mine, I used my savings to open my very own studio. 


It soon became a hub of internationals, a community that makes me so proud. We share journeys, friendships, dance, box and enjoy social events. I want people to move with love and respect for themselves, and debunk those myths we have been told about punishing ourselves with food or exercise. 

Although I sold the studio space in January 2024, our incredible community continues, and reside all over the world. I support through online classes, trainings and retreats, as well as hosting a WhatsApp group that aids in bringing us all together, wherever we roam. 

what's next..?

Since the pandemic, I have shifted my focus into a more flexible lifestyle, and now enjoy being between Barcelona and the Algarve. 


Our home in the Algarve is where we spend most of our time now, enjoying living completely off grid, growing our own food, pursuing our re-wilding project, and hosting occasional events, lunches, volunteering days and more from our slice of Mother Nature. See more of that here.