Movement, Mindset & Mantra – Virtual Retreat

Preparing my feel good props and tech for my very first online retreat – Movement, Mindset and Mantra 🌷 ⁣

Setting up my retreat station

It’s was such a pleasure to plan this with @laurenbradyyoga – just exactly how we want it, with so much thought and love poured in! I mean, two Manchester people, living in Barcelona, sharing so much passion- what’s not to love!

It can be hard sometimes when I am so used to working alone, to be able to trust and spread my wings to allow others in, but this has been such a gorgeous experience!

The feedback was incredible, and I am so glad we did it!!!! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning – with laughter, dancing, yoga, mindset work and just gorgeous memories made! I think everyone really needed this, and I am so thankful we joined forces and made it a morning to remember!

Thank you so much to Lauren, and our team of gorgeous attendees who came, and loved it as much as we did! This may have been the first, but it will certainly not be the last!