Mental Health

Mental Health…

It means something different to everyone. My own has been a journey in itself. An ongoing one, that still has to be taken care of, and worked through. ⁣

It meant really starting to understand myself, and that was scary, noticing the patterns, behaviour, and how they affected every single aspect of my life and thoughts. Even more confronting was acknowledging that I was way too good at faking it…

In my brain, the highs, and mega lows took control of my thoughts, and understanding what was happening all those years ago was step 1 ☝🏼 It’s not been easy, there will always be speed bumps, but with the tools and people, I’m a calmer version of my previous self, on the outside as well as the inside!

Seek help. Even if you think things are ‘fine’, I recommend therapy to everyone I meet. Because why not know about yourself? Why not delve into how we tick? Even if it sometimes feels very shitty, it really is worth it. ⁣

I’m glad we can talk about this stuff, and I’m glad it’s becoming easier for people to reach out. But so many don’t, so keep spreading the message, brains are just as important as our bodies and everything else in life, and there is ALWAYS someone ready to listen, and help you.