A Whole New World..

Life after lockdown. How will it be? Here in Spain, we have just been told that from this weekend, we will be allowed out again. Just for an hour per day, for exercise, probably within our own allocated times, and within 1km of our respective homes.

Whilst I am excited at the prospect of a nice walk outside, it brought up something unexpected for me, I am not sure how to pinpoint the emotion – curious? Apprehensive maybe? Not so scared, but also I have gotten so used to life inside, in this nest I have created for myself, that the thought of being outside, and doing ‘life’ again, is daunting.

How will life be? What will the new normal look like? I have no clue. None of us do really do we? What I would like to see, is the humanity and connection that we have created online, to stay, and be more prevalent in normal life. Whatever normal will be.

Our busy lives, whether we like to admit it or not, get on top of us all sometimes. I am guilty of thinking busy means productive, and like many, I sometimes glamourise the fact that I am busy, and tell myself that’s how I need to be successful. Actually – what this has all proved to me, is it truly is about looking after myself, to look after others. The slower life is the happier life! And also that I can be quite inventive with my business plan. I can adapt, and I can take my unique style of helping others, online as well as offline.

I believe by having this opportunity to be able to reach out to people solely online, has ultimately helped me believe that could be a reality to offer a more permanent online solution, for times when I travel, or for clients who are more restricted, or around the world. Likewise, when my clients travel on holidays and such, and they require some support, I can still be there and offer the same level of care, through the laptops.

Of course, I absolutely adore my beautiful fitness studio, and that is here to stay, but it allows me to be more creative with what I can offer, which is always really exciting to think about!

I am doing my best to do things that help me stay positive, excited and creative, with the odd sprinkle of WTF and OMG added, for good measure. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks. For sure, I won’t be opening up my studio doors until I am certain things are safe for both myself, and my superstars.

How are you feeling about the ‘new normal’, we are facing? Has your outlook or plans changed? I’d love to know!