I have to get this off my chest. Because – all of what’s happening in this world is scary, unknown, uncertain, and if it’s proved one thing, it’s that we just really never know what’s around the corner…

I say this lots, but really, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Take a risk. Take a chance. Be happy, or at least do more of what makes you happy, because it’s so short. In an instant everything can be taken away.

Luck won’t get anyone very far. A lot of the time when people call others lucky, they have no clue, it makes them feel better for not doing something – success looks different for everyone, and if they have worked their ass off for something, it’s not luck. ⁣

Quit the job you don’t like. ⁣
End the relationship you’re unhappy in. ⁣
Move country if you don’t like where you are. ⁣
Take up the hobby you’ve always loved. ⁣
Be around people who make you happy. ⁣
Save up for the trip! ⁣

…& all those excuses popping up now as to why you can’t? I’m calling bullshit. It’s scary, yes, but anything is possible!⁣

The majority of us here, reading this, are privileged AF!!!! Remember that! It comes with huge chances, freedom and opportunity, that so many don’t have … GRAB IT, and stop telling yourself the crap that holds you back… ⁣

Take away the “I CANT” & “they’re just lucky” and replace it with “I CAN”…

My life isn’t perfect, I’m human. But I sure strived and worked for the happiness in my life, in my job, in my relationship, in my brain, in my home – I made those choices and changes – and continue to dream big, look at the chances in front of me, and work with them. Everything and anything can change if you want it to…