My Top 4 Wellness Tips

Not just the things we put in our bodies, or how much we workout, but also how much we are doing the inner work to look after our whole being. Wellness can be a very broad word, and one that is thrown around a lot in the industry. Whilst it can mean different things for different people, we all start somewhere. Looking after ourselves is crucial, especially right now. I have come up with my top wellness tips, as your nutritionist and personal trainer, with practical tips to implement today for a calmer, more nourished you. So grab a cup of tea, and soak up the self love. Ahhh..


Disclaimer. It’s not all bubble baths and face masks. Though there is always time for that too.. learning what makes us the way we are, can sometimes feel a bit much. Too confronting. Defensive mode may kick in. But facing your own mind, rhythms, triggers and understanding why you react to certain situations is truly the most beneficial way to wellness. It can completely change how you feel about yourself, the people around you, and ultimately how you can move forward, with a calmer mindset when things aren’t feeling great. You don’t have to do this alone. Therapy, counselling, talking to a professional, really helps. There are so many resources available, both for free and paid for. Personally, I am a huge advocate for therapy, it is really my none negotiable time, and has helped my mental health hugely. Taking time for yourself. To breathe, meditate, watch a trashy show, whatever it is that is going to feed your soul today – do it.


I am very much an advocate for intuitive eating. In fact, intuitive living! It’s very simple. **Eat what makes you feel good** – listen to your body, it will tell you when it doesn’t like something, and equally you’ll know when it thrives. Have that as your starting point –
How do I feel after this food?
What makes me feel good?
Am I full?
Am I hungry?
Match what you put into your body, to how you want to feel. Allow yourself to experiment with food – it’s wonderful! A very simplistic way to feel good with the food you eat, is by sticking to colourful, nourishing foods, as much of a plant focussed intake as possible, having lots of variety – even that chocolate cake! Putting limits on ourselves only makes things more desirable. Check in with yourself and get to know your body, your worth, and match your food to it. And again, know there is professionals out there who can guide you, but ultimately, it is you who needs to do the groundwork. More on that in tip 4!


Moving intuitively. All movement is GOOD movement. Truly an incredible way to live, and treat your body with respect. I wish I had learnt this sooner! Those punishing, gruelling and quite frankly, unenjoyable gym sessions would have gone a long time ago! There is simply no need to do things you hate. Find a movement that you enjoy, and like with food, experiment with some new things! Why not try one of my fun, and varied online classes. Remember, HEALTH is not at all measured by SIZE. Instead of the outdated ‘exercise to change yourself’ or ‘to be smaller’ method, why not try switching on that self worth button, and instead swap the feelings of punishment with self respect, for example: 

I move to feel strong 
I move for mental clarity 
I move to help my heart and lungs 
I move for blood flow 
I move because I can 
I move because my muscles deserve it 
I move to feel badass 
I move to feel connected 

It’s a much nicer, calmer, & most of all SUSTAINABLE way to move.


As most my clients know, I am not the PT who will scream at you, but I do know your body, and I will guide you into helping it thrive for YOU. The work simply has to come from within. As humans, we love to blame others. Project our feelings or perceived downfalls on other people. We have to take a deep look within, and know that we hold all the strength within ourselves to help ourselves. Especially with movement, nourishment, and mental health. It’s okay to gain help and guidance, it’s so encouraged, but we have to work on the level of encouragement & self love we give to OURSELVES first, before anyone else can help us.

Remember, we all eff up now and again. Allow it. Learn from it. Just never give up on your own growth. It is okay not to be on top of things all the time. Small steps, take from this post and try and implement them this week. I would love to hear your feedback & how you get on!