New Year Weight Loss


Hahaha jokes… babes… you know you’ll never here these shit claims over here. Sorry.

But. You will hear big claims like this a lot during the coming weeks. You’ll be shamed, targeted, and guilted into thinking you should make big unrealistic, damaging goals come January 1st…because that’s what an industry worth trillions has done to us… 

With my qualifications, I could very easily start a NEW YEAR FAT DROP or something similarly as toxic, and make a ton of money with it! Nobody would bat an eye lid. Why don’t I?! Because it’s absolute BULLsh*t. It’s quick, fast fixes, that in fact fix nothing, but shame, guilt, damage our bodies, our brains and result in a lack of self worth. Nothing sustainable comes from it. You won’t get that with me.

So yes, make some lovely promises to yourself in the coming weeks, do things that make you feel GOOD, STRONG and HAPPY, that you actually ENJOY! And that you’re likely to stick with!

I’m also working hard behind the scenes on creating some wonderful content and workshops to help you with switching on your INTUITIVE side and lead a calmer life, but in the meantime, you do you, and be cautious of those unrealistic claims… you’re smarter than that…