Plant Life

The way we eat is changing, and more people are becoming curious of living a more plant focussed, cruelty free lifestyle.

It can be overwhelming. It can be confusing. I get it. I made the transition 4 years ago this year and I’ve seen it in that short time become SO much more mainstream!! How exciting!!

My aim: to inspire more people to make that transition, or just try something new! With an open mind.

I am collaborating with some of the most incredible people/businesses, including the gorgeous @wildlulita tomorrow for our sold out workshop and @rootsandrolls next Saturday night for the gala of all galas

Let’s come together, in a world that has so much happening right now, let’s encourage each other to do something positive!!!

Whether it’s less plastic, a meat free meal, less driving – we can do this together, and be proud of all our efforts!

Watch out for more events happening in the coming weeks, and feel free to get involved!