Hiding our Body

Published by Holly Barber on

I got so sick of hiding myself away. Apologising for my body parts. Covering up. Being sad about myself and how I looked..

The journey to not hating my body. Appreciation, care, acceptance and most of all, love. I love movement every day, I love how it makes me feel, I nourish my body because I know it makes me thrive and feel good! And I’m worth that.


Having dimples, rolls, soft parts isn’t bad. You can still do the things you want to do! Your body type doesn’t equal your worth, nor your fitness. All that truly matters is your opinion and relationship with YOURSELF.

One of the most challenging parts about my job is seeing women hate on themselves. It was me once, believe me. But let me tell you, once I see my queens start to hold themselves differently, see themselves differently, appreciate their wonderful, beautiful bodies, and realise their worth, it’s priceless… ⁣


For me, for you, for our future generation, our bodies are worth more than to be poked, squeezed and hated on. ⁣

We are more than our bodies. ⁣
We are beautiful. ⁣
We are worth it all.