Fitness & Lockdown

Right, I don’t know about you, but I am getting 92374 notifications daily from people going live with their workouts on instagram, Barbara from down the road is doing a 10 minute squat hold, another dude is getting a 6 pack for lockdown, and literally every Tom, Dick and Harry is sharing their workouts. Wow. Even as a trainer I am a bit intimidated…

Whilst I know these people mean well, I do also understand that sometimes people feel a bit exhausted just seeing their routine, and it makes you feel like you should be more like them, guilty, or not doing enough, or even worse, in not wanting to be like everyone else, slumping into the zero movement, ‘I just don’t care’ category.

Well. I have some practical advice to help you with your own movement during this time, and it is very simple:


Honestly, if you love to dance – then dance! If you love to do a heavy, sweaty, home weight workout – amazing! If you love to join a zoom with your fave PT (it’s me), that’s incredible – I am here for you! But just do what feels good for you on that day. Maybe it is even a rest day and some biscuits on the couch!

Some days, I really love nothing more than putting my gloves on, and beating the shit out of the pads, grunting, sweating and moving my body. Some days, it’s a gentle stretch or yoga with a cup of tea, and some days it is shaking my ass to Beyonce whilst cleaning, and I absolutely love doing my online classes with everyone! Whatever floats your boat. Ride where that days feeling takes you.

Try and not think of this time in lockdown, away from normality as a time to change yourself, or think you need to punish your body. This is an already anxious time for many, so let’s not add to it. Instead, see your daily movement as a treat, a self care remedy, and most importantly – something to help your brain, pump some endorphins, and increase a sense of calmness.

Remember – we want to encourage movement to be from a place of self love, not self hate for yourself.