Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day!! And inevitably whilst in lockdown, it’s got me reminiscing of nature, all those times Mother Nature has had me in complete awe. ⁣

Classic me. Tree hugging.

⁣All these pictures were taken in Canada, in August last year. Truly one of my favourite, and most beautiful places we have ever visited! ⁣

Whatever you do to help the world, let’s start by being kind to each other, not shaming each other for the efforts we are trying to make it a better place. encourage each other and support all our efforts. How much better would that be?

So whether you’re vegan, plastic free, recycle, don’t take so many flights, volunteer, donate to charities, shop more sustainable – let’s all try and make those efforts and be proud of them – now more than ever. We need each other, we need ourselves, and we need to stick together. ⁣

The more we celebrate these little things we can all do, the more they turn into the big things and make real impacts, stronger together.