Being Interviewed!

Published by Holly Barber on

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure to meet and be interviewed by Jay Kali. Jay owns many successful gyms in Mexico, and wanted to ask me some questions about my journey from Manchester corporate job, to Barcelona PT with my own studio! He inspires me so much, and is a big deal in the industry, so I was a little nervous for this one!

It went down so well, and Jay and his wife were perfect interviewees. We discussed everything from my health, to having the guts to leave your job and pursue your dreams – and I loved it! He asked me a question that stuck in my mind: “What is your one piece of advice for people who want to get into this industry” – my answer was, “Be you. There is nothing worse than someone trying to be something they aren’t. We all have our own powers and strengths – don’t be scared to use them. I would always constantly search instagram and compare myself and my business to others, until I realised actually, I am doing something unique, and from that moment on, Holly Barber Personal Training has gone from strength to strength!”

I will share the full interview when it is aired! Exciting!