Studio Social

Published by Holly Barber on

As a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful clients, I hosted the very first Studio Social on 17th March. It was a HUGE success and everyone had so much fun – we laughed, danced, got to know each other and even Twister was involved…

We spend so much time together working out, I also think it is nice to socialise now and again too, and a great chance for my clients to meet one another.

Opening the studio was a huge risk, and I was so nervous about not getting clients – but these guys have made it possible, and it makes me so excited to think of how much the studio and they have grown over the past few months. From people who joined from day 1, to people who joined last week – each and every one of you are so valued and appreciated, and I look forward to hosting more Studio Social’s in the near future! Thank you everyone!