Hola 2018!

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Goals, resolutions, new habits, routine – it can get a little overwhelming at this time of year can’t it?!

Breathe. You got this. Instead of making a tonne of new resolutions that lets be honest, you may not stick to, make some realistic expectations of yourself. Appreciate the fact you made it through 2017, you bossed it! You did it. Now, look forward. Make plans with friends, book that holiday, work towards a realistic goal, but whilst doing all of this, don’t forget to just breathe sometimes. Appreciate the right now, and be mindful.

I would love to help you with your health and fitness in 2018, and have some awesome plans to help you do just that. A new class timetable, personal training to work on your specific goals, or treat yourself to one of my workshops that are coming up. I’m with you, and I am here for you. The start of any body changes, must start with some self love first. You have to love the body you’re in, in order to work with it. You wouldn’t drive a car, without getting in it first, would you?

So, take a moment, inhale, exhale, and remember you are perfect.
Have an awesome 2018!

Taking a walk on new years day, on our beautiful Barcelona beaches. 

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