Raw You Workshop

Published by Holly Barber on

We had our Raw You workshop this Sunday, and what an amazing day it was! We spoke openly about our struggles, ups, downs, and everything in between, and it felt so powerful to be in a room with such great women!

As well as learning about each other, I taught the ladies some top tips on nutrition, health, fitness and keeping a positive mindset. Here’s a sneak peak from the days agenda, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more workshops coming soon!

  • FORGIVE YOURSELF – you are not a problem, you are not broken and you do not need fixing. If you do desire to change your body, you must first love and accept it now first. Do not try and change your body from a place of hate and punishment, but instead, speak to it lovingly and make loving choices for your body. Work with yourself. We don’t want to hate ourselves thin, we want to love ourselves to healthy. When you truly feel empowered by the choices you are making for your body, confidence will ooze out of you.
  • YOU ARE NOT JUST YOUR BODY – You are your soul and an inner person too. True body confidence comes from inner confidence in yourself. Instead of focussing all your attention on the mirror, and how you look, realise all your qualities as a human being. Celebrate who you are as a person, rather than putting all the emphasis on your reflection in the mirror, or on a dress size. You are amazing. Feel that from the inside out, and strive for health.