on the wild side…

Back in Barcelona after an incredibly self indulgent summer sabbatical. I am a big believer in taking breaks, I constantly tell my clients and friends to take them, yet there I was, in June this year, finding myself in a burnt out mentality. Classic. I couldn’t tell you one reason, I think it was a build up of life, you know how it gets, we’ve all unfortunately been there. I don’t think I realised quite how much the pandemic, and all the constant heightened state had impacted me. I needed a break, so I became my own client and friend, and gave myself one.

I spent my summer in our new home in Portugal, which has been brewing in both mine and my partners collective dreams for many, many years. We have worked towards this for a long time, and it felt like the perfect time – we couldn’t keep saying ‘one day’! We wanted a slice of nature, to enjoy nothing but peace and tranquility, and we found just that in the Algarve – and named it Herdade Mahalo.


We are so in love with the space we have, we got so lucky, and have spent the summer putting our stamp on the home and surroundings. I feel like I am going to wake up at any second, and this will have all been a dream. So cheese, but really true! I feel like I hit the ground running since moving country in 2016, so much good has happened, but also some challenging,  and this summer has been a chance to digest it all. To feel the feels as they say, and let my soul catch up with my reality.


So what now? I am splitting my time between the Algarve and Barcelona, I have no idea if it will work, but I am so excited to try this new way of life. I am sure it will come with new challenges. My business is changing a lot. Personal Training is where my heart and focus has been for many years, and whilst I absolutely love it, it was quite demanding, and I’d love to help people in different ways, with a fresh perspective. So, I have taken a step back, and now concentrate on courses, workshops, and classes whilst I am in Barcelona, offering a slice of self care in the form of boxing, weights, dancing, meditation – and just moving in a way that feels GREAT – my passion! Throughout the year I will also be running retreats from Mahalo in Portugal, both bespoke, for businesses or groups, stand alone retreats bookable for anyone and everyone who wants to experience the magic! More on that coming soon! 


I have some new writing projects, including bringing this blog back – I have ideas to inspire and to help more people in many ways. I feel this is a total fresh start for me, and something I am excited to embark upon! I also have projects in Portugal, with the local communities, re-wilding the land, helping out the wildlife, and developing our paradise, which gives me so much joy! I hope you’ll enjoy hearing more as I blog the ups and downs along the way. 


Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. I appreciate you reading and being with me on this journey. 


Adios for now!