New You?

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It’s that time again. Where everything and everyone is focussed towards a new them. Whilst I think that can be healthy, it also needs to be managed. We are not put on this earth to become the representations of what we deem to be perfection. We are here to be real. You are wonderful the way you are, and the sooner we start to work on ourselves from a point of self love, instead of self hate, the sooner things will change, for good.

I can only tell you what I experienced, and why I am so passionate about helping others this way. When I was starting my own journey, I used to look at myself in the mirror and hate on every detail that I deemed horrible. Going to the gym and working out to punish my body. Eating, to satisfy something I was missing, not hunger, or food, something deep within me was missing and I thought filling myself up with junk food would fill the void. It didn’t. Needless to say, I was in a downward spiral.

I look at pictures like this, and I know what is going on inside my head. I am unhappy, from the inside.

When you think about it, really think about it, it’s ridiculous that we punish our bodies with working out. As if our bodies are a separate entity that need to be told off for doing something wrong. What changed for me? I started to love myself more. It was a process, and a big decision. I had to change, and it didn’t happen overnight. I started by reminding myself why my body was amazing just the way it was. It had gotten me through this far, it had endured huge injuries, medical issues, and got through it all. How did I repay it? By starving it, binging, hating, shaming, covering it up, going and doing workouts that I hated, diet after diet after diet. Enough was enough.

Starting my fitness journey.

The new way I started to look at myself. My body. I wanted to help it. I wanted to link my brain, my feelings and my physical self together. I knew that my workouts had to change. I had to nourish my body, and enjoy it. Only then did I actually start seeing not only sustainable results, but confidence, happiness, and a new found respect for myself. I deserve this workout, and I deserve to feel good afterwards. My brain deserved to feel healthy, and happy. HOLLY deserves all of this.

Now, when I workout, I do things I enjoy, I love to do. I understand what to do for myself and my body/mind. My body is worth it, and deserves it.

Feeling strong, feeling happy!

So before you embark on something new, make a pledge to yourself, to work from the inside too. Help yourself by starting in a place of self love, and enjoy this journey, little by little. You don’t have to punish yourself, or go too far too soon. You are enough, and you deserve to be healthy, confident, and happy. You got this.

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