A delicious meal to enjoy on your healthy lifestyle! Potatoes aren’t the enemy. Potato is a great source of carbohydrates, especially great on active workout days, as carbs are your bodies main energy source. Enjoying them in moderation is key. They also have some pretty unknown benefits, including their high vitamin C content, more potassium than a banana, a great source of vitamin B6, fibre, magnesium and antioxidants. The super spud!

Here’s a great recipe to enjoy the potato in all its baked glory!

I baked the potato in the oven with a little coconut oil rubbed on and salt and pepper in foil for around an hour.
I then made the inside mix, I added peppers, tomatoes, rocket, sweetcorn, olives and some mustard & hummus
Once the potato is soft (check with a knife), scoop out the inside and add it to the mix.
Then put it all back inside! And enjoy!

Super easy and super delicious! You can use anything for the filling too, a great way to use up any vegetables !

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