Worth it!?

Published by Holly Barber on

Do you ever find yourself questioning good things when they happen to you? I do. I’ve recently started my 6 minute diary (great by the way – definitely recommend!), and what it has taught me up to now, is to appreciate my own self worth more. I am worth the good things that happen to me. I work damn hard. Thing’s don’t always fall apart.

Believe it or not, I think the first issue I came across when I was trying to chip away those feelings of undeservingness, is that I don’t fully understand the origins of how and why these feelings formed. I tried to look back in my life and pinpoint, but I couldn’t – not really. Maybe most of us hold onto seeds from the past that contribute to feeling undeserving, and other feelings we have now, and we don’t even realise it?

So, I plan to work on giving myself a break for failing to achieve all the totally unrealistic expectations that I’ve put on myself, or maybe what society thinks I “should” have achieved up to this point. I’m my worst enemy with this. With my own unrealistic bar of achievement, it’s hard to find compassion and forgiveness for the experiences that brought me to this point. I am working towards self-compassion, which I can give to others so easily, and shifting that power to understanding myself more too.

I have achieved a lot. But sometimes, I just want more and more and more. That is so great, it keeps me hungry, but it can also be unsatisfying. Now, I am trying to appreciate everything I do and have done so far. It’s led me to where I am.

Stop wishing for an unattainable ideal, and spend more time enjoying who we are.

This journey is empowering and makes room for positive change in a way that nothing else can. Feeling worthy of my own success and happiness. I am on my way!

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