World Mental Health Day

Published by Holly Barber on

It may just be another day, you might think we should ‘speak about it every day’, but I think highlighting mental health for a day, or a minute, can only be a good thing .

I’ve been no stranger to struggling with my own, it can be an exhausting, scary and dangerous place to be. But there is help, hope, and you’re never alone.

TALKING to someone, allowing myself to be vulnerable in therapy, saved me from me. It can feel shitty. It can be confronting. It can be way ‘too much’. Trust me, I know. It’s not all happy clappy sing alongs and meditation sessions. But I promise it’s always worth it. We are all different in what helps us recover, and manage things. Find what’s right for you. ⁣

Check in with yourself, check in with the person who you think has it all figured out, and talk about it. You truly never know what people have been through and continue to go through, but there is ALWAYS hope.

In the name of recycling/giving back, I also decided I would sell all of my used boxing equipment to anyone who would like them, to raise money for a Mental Health charity. I also donated my earnings from my classes on World Mental Health day, so all my guys who came to classes, their fee was put straight back into the charity box!

Donation amounts were totally up to everyone’s budget, and we managed to raise over 200euros, AND have some great chats about our brains! Amazing work!