Stretch & Meditation
Monday 31st October
Monday 7th November
Monday 14th November 
19:30 - 21:00
Barcelona Studio

Let’s unwind… an evening of pure bliss – one of our most popular sessions at the studio. We will stretch our full bodies, including assisted, unwind with some hot tea and biscuits & be guided through a beautiful meditation, including an Indian  head massage. Blissful downtime. Perfect for the body and mind. 

€14 per person, no experience required. 
all equipment provided.

Disco Boxing
Wednesday 9th November
19:00 - 20:00
Barcelona Studio

Let’s BOX! I am excited to guide you for the most popular session – BOXING! Even better, DISCO box! We enjoy a killer playlist, badass combos, and lean into a RELEASE! Combos, 121 time, and teamwork, the sure way to feel fabulous! We will end with a deep stretch, all under the disco lights! 

€12 per person, no experience required. 
all equipment provided.

A Personal Experience...

Want something more bespoke, at a time and day to suit you? 

Get in touch for personalised classes and sessions based on you. From dancing, boxing, weights or meditation! Organise a small group (maximum 6) from work, or your friends, and get in touch for a quote starting from 10 euros per person. 

''Holly's motto 'all movement is good movement' really struck a chord with me, and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed exercise as much as I have during Holly's sessions. She has truly helped me to see exercise as a celebration of what our bodies can do!''
Sara Pownall