Working out with Jillian Michaels

Published by Holly Barber on

Jillian Michaels was hosting a workout this weekend at Women’s Health Live, and I just had to go. What happened next was completely unexpected. I was so pumped, ready to go, water at the ready, having a dance with the other girls, and she was introduced on stage. Woohoo! Jillian Michaels! Then BOOM. As soon as she spoke. It happened – a flood of emotion. I just stared at her weirdly as these feelings flushed through my body. It seems I had associated her voice with so much more than I thought.

Its her, its her!

When I started my own journey to being a healthier me, I started from a place of self hate. Punishing my body in any way. I was a different person, not just physically but mentally. One of the only things I liked was the Jillian Michaels online workouts. I started doing her workouts every few days. Her voice became the voice I associated with feeling stronger and pushing me further.

After my own health issues, doctors told me my lungs & heart may never be able to recover properly. Starting this was step one to saying ‘I told you so’ to everyone who doubted it. I would hear Jillian’s voice, and instantly feel more confident to actually workout and try other things. 

I felt so insanely proud of myself. What a rollercoaster journey this has been. I am stood here now, more confident than I have ever been, doing a live workout with someone who helped me more than she would ever know, right when I needed it most. I will admit, I let out a little sob right then. Mixed with the sweat, you could hardly notice. But what a moment.

This whole experience made me realise just how powerful trainers can be. More than just giving you a workout, shouting at you (we’ve all seen those types), and more than just telling you to exercise, but truly a huge influence in other peoples lives. It ignites me! People who truly help us on our human journeys deserve the success and recognition. So thanks Jillian. If I can reach half the people she has in this way, I will be a happy Holly PT!