Women’s Health Live 2019

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I have been a fan of Women’s Health UK forever. So when the chance to go to the first ever Live event, I simply HAD to attend. I am SO glad I did..

We were all there for the same thing, I love that feeling! Being part of something. Just everyone there having fun, being positive and enjoying the atmosphere.

Amongst the stalls, there were various talks on veganism, nutrition, sports, the latest advice and expert opinions, as well as workout stages. I booked onto as many as I could, notepad at the ready!

Lucy Sheridan – The Comparison Coach

I decided I wasn’t going to be shy here. I wanted to make myself known in this world of fitness. I love what I do and I have such a passion to reach people far and wide, no holding back, big girl pants on. I spoke to SO many people, swapped business cards, shared tips, I was asked my opinion, it felt great! I had emailed a few of the organisers beforehand, telling them I was going, and that I could be on panels, and there to share my knowledge and background.

I felt more inspired than ever! It felt great to be told what a great job I was doing, to be asked my opinion, and even had women asking me if I could train them. I naturally told them to move to Barcelona.

I met so many people in the fitness industry who I respect and really admire. People I have followed on instagram, finally meeting for real.

Mr PMA himself Faisal
Laura Biceps

My favourite question I was asked: What is your one piece of advice for someone starting out on their health journey? 

Start from a place of self love. A journey to better health, fitness, food or anything in between has to happen because you love yourself enough to nourish yourself. We are fed so much bullshit that backs up the idea that we should hate ourselves in order to change, to punish ourselves with a gruelling workout. Our mental health deserves this just as much as our physical. You can find that balance and enjoy it all, if you start right now to use the mindset that you’re doing this because you love yourself. From day one.

A great weekend full of great vibes. I was even put through my paces on stage boxing in front of a huge crowd – what a feeling! I loved it! Thank you Womens Health UK for such a great event that I will use and remember for a long time – next years goal: speak on the main stage!

The workout stage – I was put through my paces!

See why I became an emotional wreck at my last workout of the weekend…