People actually instantly look straight at my body when they know what I do, and I sometimes find that hard… ⁣

As a trainer, I try to live and breathe body positivity, teaching my clients to love themselves enough to nourish with intuition, from the food we eat, our mentality, and movement. ⁣

It doesn’t mean I’m totally confident about my own body, but it means I embrace it now, I respect it, and I’m so thankful to all it’s been through, and love to workout every day now! From a place of respect and deserving, not self hate or wanting to change…There is a part of society that still says I should look a certain way, or be a certain size, but I am embracing the new wave of humans who pour passion and self love into the world, and into our minds, to love ourselves a bit more… ✨

Everyone should feel like an underwear model in life, even if it’s just with some afternoon sun lighting and an iPhone …in my new Knixwear – which I totally recommend: gorgeous fit, practical and comfy – thanks for flying the flag for body positivity, and self love, from the undies we wear 💘 Now go love yourselves and your bodies a little more today my Kings and Queens – YOU’RE WORTH IT!

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