As you know, I love to look after my body. That includes my skin. Since being an acne prone teenager, I have struggled with finding a product that matches my skin type, and my values.

A few years ago I stumbled across Tropic, a skincare brand that claimed big things. Vegan friendly, natural ingredients, and great for the skin…I was intrigued.

After purchasing my first cleanser, toner and moisturiser (never done these things before…), I fell in love. My skin soaked up the goodness, and I was soon receiving complements on my ‘glow’.

It suddenly became apparent that the things we put on our skin mattered. All the chemicals and crap over the years, my skin was ready for something natural!

I have been a huge fan of this brand, owning and trying pretty much everything they do, including make up, body care, hair care, and skin care. It’s affordable, fits with my lifestyle and values, and most of all, makes me feel confident, and like I am doing something great for my body!

I am really always asked what I use, and how/why my skin looks this way – and I always just recommend what I do!

The products in my studio are a reflection of me, things I have tried, tested, loved and are ethical. My clients are worth the best – which is why I am a certified stockist of Tropic.

Browse online at your leisure, feel free to ask me any questions, check out some of the bits I have at the studio, and watch out for my (very amateur) product reviews from me, and my clients!