A year ago this week, I opened my doors to train you lovely people of Barcelona, after lots of construction work to make this space exactly how I wanted it!

It was a dream come true!! Hard work started to pay off! And now as I reach more milestones and so many memories/laughs/goals/confidence this place has given us over this first year, I feel so proud of myself, but mostly, of all my incredible clients who make it all possible!

I was terrified going into this, starting a real business on my own, in Spain, and put everything I had into it. I’m so thankful that it paid off and I get to enjoy it every day, helping people in this space the way I do!

THANK YOU EVERYONE who’s supported me this far! especially those friend’s who have kept me sane during the few stressful times…

We celebrated this milestone with one of our infamous studio social parties, and an incredible cake made by our resident studio cake maker Sophie Begloo!

THANK YOU to everyone who came, messaged, celebrated and has supported the studio in the past year, you’re all incredible, and it really means the world to me!