Ahhhh when I hear how much people love the studio, and my training its so overwhelming sometimes! It seems unreal that something I actually love doing, I can also be good at too! Without sounding like a complete big head (ok, maybe a little). Everything I do with the studio – the space, the decor, the training sessions is all with the clients in mind. I have been there and get it – its daunting to train, and even when it’s not anymore, it’s amazing to do it in a comfortable environment. So thats what I wanted to create and share.

I got this review last week from one of my long standing clients, who’s been coming week on week since the first few weeks I opened, and it made me BURST with pride!

I mean could it get any better!? You can’t please every one, and nor do I aim to, but hearing this made me so happy with everything I have created. We are so quick to not really praise ourselves sometimes aren’t we? Always looking for outside influences to do it. With no boss or colleagues, I have realised a bit of self praise goes a long way, and reviews like this!

What was the last thing you did that made yourself proud? When did you do a job well done? Are you a great parent, friend or business person? Pat yourself on the back. You are amazing. You deserve this pride, bask in it, and keep going! It is so worth it!