We all have our favourite exercises, but what if I told you it is OK to want to do something totally different!

Not just to keep our minds from getting bored, but also our bodies – our muscles. Life for me has been about balance the past few years. Getting to know my body and also the ups and downs that comes with that. Some weeks I absolutely love nothing more than getting super sweaty with boxing, other weeks I would rather get my cardio by doing some high intensity intervals, or a run. Either way – it’s ok to want to switch it up, and actually really great for your body to not get used to the same things in order for it to progress.

Luckily for my clients, I try to keep their sessions as fresh as possible, constantly adding new things, depending on how they feel and what they are enjoying lately. Sometimes I am the most centred person who wants to meditate and enjoy yoga. The next day, I want nothing more than to box everything away and feel the adrenaline rush through my body, pushing it to limits. That’s ok.

The great thing is, we CAN change. Every day if we want to. We can want new things, and be a total centred meditation goddess of all things light and life, and then be a total warrior of punching and kicking things feeling like an extra from Rocky. We don’t have to define ourselves into a certain category of how we like to train, and who we are as people. I think there is a whole other subject here that’s way beyond training – we don’t have to define ourselves to be a certain way, from one day to another.

Last weekend, I decided to run the La Merce 10km in Barcelona 

A few weeks ago, I changed my workout routine. I added a boxing session a week with a great friend and fellow PT Paul, which has helped loads – I love that someone has the pads for ME for a change! An awesome feeling! Every week, I sit down and map out a rough plan for myself for the week ahead – which is always subject to change on how I feel. I am on my third week now, and I am feeling GREAT! My body is loving it, but most of all, my mind is too!

There is nothing worse than a stale training programme – so switch it up! Do something you love, something new, ask your training (or me), for advice, or even better – come try a class or PT session that you’ve never done before!

Happy Training!