Support Small Businesses

Published by Holly Barber on

Here we are, a lot of the world, at home. For a small business like mine, it is going to have a big effect. Not only can I not open my beloved studio, that I love to be in, but I can’t earn a living, as I usually do.

Whilst so many people are in a difficult position right now, both financially and mentally, I would really like to encourage you to support your local fitness professionals & small businesses, as much as possible.

If you love what someone does – share it! It doesn’t have to be with money, just an acknowledgement. It’s scary the amount of celebrities, or people who haven’t got a fitness business, and are not qualified, giving our free workouts online. Whilst I am totally IN for everyone sticking together and helping each other, this is really directly affecting your local businesses.

I pride myself on creating a community feeling, a personal, fun, and self love approach to movement and classes – which is what you will find in all of my sessions – even online!

My new studio!

After much thought, I came up with a way to reach my clients during this time – online classes! They have been going so well, and I am honestly, so so grateful for my wonderful clients and friends who continue to allow me to keep my business ticking, and more importantly, I am proud of them for giving their bodies and minds this time to move, and love themselves, with me. I love what I do, and now I am trying to see the positives in this situation – I can reach people all over the world!!

My wonderful online class crew!

So, if your friend or someone you know has a small business that they have built themselves, (which in itself is hard work) – help them out! This is so uncertain – I have no idea what my business will look like, even after this is over. But realistically – the bills still pile up at the end of the month. So why not take the few seconds to just like a social media post, send them a little encouragement, or even better, book or buy what they’re offering. It really does help so much!

You can find my weekly changing classes here.

I love you all for the support SO MUCH!!