Support, community, hope

Published by Holly Barber on

SUPPORT. I love catching up with my clients, it’s not just about workouts, and nutrition plans, it’s about genuine support and care.

It is about mindset, mental health, connections, community, hope, confidence, strength and yes – a kick ass workout but it’s SO much more…

Trainers – we have a responsibility, people trust us, to show that life is actually a much nicer ride when you look after yourself, from the brain, to the body, to the delicious food we eat – We are WORTHY of it all… the old fashioned culture of making people feel inferior, or like they aren’t enough is done with.

There is no place for shaming. You don’t deserve shame. From yourself or from your trainer. It does not work long term. Not now, not ever.

You DO deserve self love, compassion for yourself, and the realisation that daily movement, and eating for how you want to feel is an absolute gift to yourself!

⁣You deserve it. You can take the first steps to self love. You can enjoy the journey. You can feel badass. You can. I believe in YOU. End of story