Studio Offerings

Studio Offerings

Taking care of you. The aim of the studio is to give you a slice of exactly what you need. From movement, to massage, enjoy the space, and allow yourself to be beautifully guided by the best in Barcelona.

Soma Massage & TMJ, with Lisa Santamera

Lisa is originally from Liverpool, UK, and with a love of massage and the power of touch since being young, she developed her skills by studying for a diploma in Swedish Massage in 2015, later going on to study advanced techniques in TMJ dysfunctional therapy in 2018. Soon after, she put her passion and love for massage into fruition, starting her own business – Soma. 

Her clear joy of being able to relieve and help people not only relax, but truly unravel tensions and pains, makes her the perfect masseuse.

Massages with Lisa will be held in the studio’s private Zen Den, surrounded by beautiful smells, and everything taken into account to create a perfect personalised experience, every time. 

Lisa is available @ the studio every Tuesday. Click on your chosen massage below for bookings & availability.

The Buccal Up
The Buccal up is unique in its combination of myofacial and trigger point massage techniques, plus gentle stretching - working on the chest, neck, face, inner mouth, and head. A profoundly relaxing and uplifting experience. Perfect for: Easing tension, stretching out and stimulating blood flow to the whole area. The buccal massage particularly leaves you feeling uplifted and more toned in the face.
75 minutes / €60 / 3x €165

Yoga con Laura

Hola, mi nombre es Laura.
Te doy la bienvenida a este espacio. Me dedico a enseñar y compartir este camino de sabiduría y compasión que es el Yoga. Mi compromiso es acompañarte desde la pedagogía y la funcionalidad que ofrece esta práctica ancestral desde una visión contemporánea y accesible. El yoga es una práctica que nos permite tomar conciencia de nosotros mismos a través de nuestro cuerpo y mente. Un sendero que permite cultivar la escucha y la atención desde la amabilidad y el respeto.

Laura está enseñando @ the studio todos los Miércoles por la noche a las 18:30. Sus clases son en Español.

La técnica, presencia y el fluir se construyen a través de una secuencia de Hatha Vinyasa diseñada para cultivar la escucha y la atención de el cuerpo-mente con amabilidad y respeto por el propio proceso.

¿En qué consiste?

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga es una práctica dinámica de yoga completa; a través de Asana (posturas), Pranayama (respiración/energía) y meditación permitimos liberar bloqueos y tensiones tanto a nivel físico como energético; una manera de sentir que la mente habita el cuerpo.

Se ofrecen variaciones de las posturas y cada practicante se adapta a través de la escucha y necesidad del momento que transita.

Lauren Brady Yoga

Originally from Manchester, UK, Lauren discovered the transformative power of yoga over a decade ago – not for the much-admired gymnastic inspired poses – but as the gurus intended; by moving the body in breath-synchronised movement to gain insight and respite from the constantly chattering monkey mind.

”Whether through the tools of flowing vinyasa or the calmer more inwardly focused yin yoga, I’d like to take you on a journey of self-discovery, because yoga isn’t just something that we do on the’s a path towards knowing ourselves more deeply and shining our brightest light out into the world for the good of all.”

Lauren teaches a beautiful Yin Yoga practice @ the studio every Sunday evening at 18:00.