Soul Cycle, Los Angeles

Published by Holly Barber on

I always look to do new things when I am in new places, and LA was no different. I knew about Soul Cycle from instagram, and some people who I follow rave about it. With so many of their studios nearby, I signed Michiel and I up to the Saturday morning class.

Soul Cycle is indoor cycle workout classes with a twist – it is done in the dark, to high intensity music, you move in ways I didn’t think possible on a bike, and have so much fun! Their welcoming motto, ‘all souls welcome’. On arrival, we were greeted and showed where to leave our things, given some special bike shoes, and water, and headed to the waiting hall, where lots of sweaty people came out of the class before us.

I love being the client sometimes, it is such a good feeling, and I learn so much from being around people who do what I do, who have achieved so much, and this studio was exactly that. They have a movement, a whole concept and it feels good to be here!

The class was incredible, honestly – on occasion, I was actually emotional. The loud music, the release, the encouragement from our trainer Megan was on point – she knew just what to say, I felt pushed, worked, sweaty, I just went for it – lost my inhibitions and gave my 100%. It was amazing.

I try to bring out the best in people, to evoke something within my clients where they feel like they CAN and DO bring it, every class, every session. Experiencing someone else doing to me what I do to others was so inspiring. As trainers, we have the power and the expertise to help people, and make them feel incredible – just how I felt when I left Soul Cycle!