As a personal trainer, it is in me to bring out the best in people, which I think I can do quite well. From ironman, to swimmers, aspiring boxers, people who have so many different goals. What I have to rely on though, is that persons determination and drive too. It isn’t all one way, and as much as I can inspire people, it is ultimately my clients’ job to show up and give it their all.

This past few weeks, I have been away from the studio, and it is so great to see so many of my clients staying in touch with me, and staying motivated doing my workout videos, and keeping themselves happy. Ultimately, I am not always going to be there, so instead of just doing it for them, I make sure I teach my clients, so they can take away something from me to use in the rest of their lives. In my opinion, the principles of good health and fitness can last a lifetime if taught well, which is what I aspire to do.

Not only my clients in Barcelona, but my Ironman Michiel has totally pulled it out of the bag in recent weeks Рhis half ironman was such a testament to his motivation and determination, and as far as I can do as his trainer, he brought the rest and smashed his goals this far, against the odds. Check out race day from my perspective here.

What I am saying is, I am so proud of my clients. I want to inspire people, but not do it all for them, and these past few weeks I have seen so many of them stay motivated and excited to train, using the skills I have taught them – what a feeling!

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