Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the sunrise light for a selfie…

I was talking to the girls the other evening about how we all change, and it got me thinking just how much I’ve changed my perceptions of myself. I used to obsess with my ‘imperfections’ and do so many things to try and make my face more ‘perfect’. From fillers, to every weird skincare routine you could think of, dying my hair, my skin, wanting to be different, really hating on the way I look.

It’s been a weird process since then for sure, but I have come a long way! Now, I regularly wear no make up, most days in fact, and the odd blemish doesn’t ruin my day! Now don’t get me wrong, if you want filler, botox, surgery – and you’re doing it for the right reasons – you go! Each to their own. But for me, it was more of the fact I was trying to change who I was. Become a mould, and something I thought I wanted to be. That’s changed. Will I get anything done to myself in the future? Maybe. Never say never. But this time around, it will for sure be for the right reasons.

I love to get dressed up, wear make up, feel amazing – but I also feel good without all of that now too. Letting myself be me, actually feels good!

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