I’M IN HAWAII MAN! 🌴 Literally what was going through my head here…of course I need the cheesy water shot!

I am the luckiest person in the world to experience the world this way, and pinch myself every day I’ve travelled the past few years 🌎 it’s not just luck, it’s taking every chance, every opportunity possible, working my ass off and just saying YES to things that scare the sh*t out of me… 🙏🏼

It’s been a crazy few years, and not all easy, but my god it’s all been so worth it!  I have so many more things that I want to accomplish and achieve and I know with the right determination I will do it all! 👌🏼

I am lucky. But I don’t rely on luck to get me places. Life is for living and as long as we keep doing so, and getting through the bumps along the way, it’s all good.

Go live your best life, take the snap you know you’re gonna love to post on Instagram, and stay happyyyyyy!

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