Living Plantastic Vegan Gala!

The most incredible night – we did it! When first talking to my friend Sandra, owner of Vegan Sushi restaurant Roots & Rolls, we had this idea, to create an evening full of fun! Veganuary can be such a great challenge to get people more intuitively looking at their eating habits.. but why not make that a FUN, EXCITING and less scary time.

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world. Climate change, fires, floods, animals etc, and sometimes, by thinking we need to fix everything, actually has the backfire effect, and we start to think if we can’t be perfect – we do nothing!

We want to make it more of a celebration! A fun transition, a cool thing to do. Vegan isn’t a swearword. It can be sexy, and inspiring, and a world of possibilities, celebrating every single thing we do, to help ourselves, and the planet.

Incoming the VEGAN GALA! We had the best time, a true night to remember.

So many of my wonderful clients and friends came, and we filled the restaurant with incredible vibes, a red carpet, photographer, happy people, and a gorgeous drag queen 😉

Eating, talking, dancing, raffles – we had it all!

Huge thank you to Sandra for organising, the Roots & Rolls staff, and every single person who came and made it such an incredible evening all round.

Together, we can do so much more! One gala at a time! From all the great feedback we have had from the evening, there’s only one question we keep hearing… ‘WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE’! Watch this space…

Check out all the photos here!