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ICELAND – off we go. The travelling trainer life commences again, this time for a short trip. I was so excited! I absolutely love what I do, but every few months when I go away, I feel SO refreshed coming back. It gets my creative juices flowing, and inspires me a lot!

Iceland was an incredible experience. What a country! Watching my client & friend Michiel complete his first marathon was great, he did incredibly well, and against the odds of what happened to him this time last year, smashed it!

I was planning to do a longer run too, but unfortunately a few days before got a bad cough and cold. I told myself this was the worse excuse in the world, and wanted to push on, but the day before I knew it wouldn’t be beneficial to do anything too long, practice what I preach and listen to my body. I still entered and completed the 10km run, I didn’t want to miss out on the experience of running a race in Reykjavik, and enjoyed it so much!

In this week after the marathon, we embarked on an epic road trip in Iceland, and experienced so much!

The fresh air, open roads, bombarded by nothing but nature was just something else, like nothing I had seen before. My favourite moments were seeing wild whales, spotting seals whilst driving, the Djandi waterfalls and just being on the road, with no real plan – FREEDOM! What a treat. Iceland – you were AWESOME!

Now for those creative juices and new lease of inspiration to get back to work in BCN!