team wellness

As an avid follower and supporter of start ups in the vegan and sustainable space, and spending time with both founders, and people working for smaller companies – I noticed a common theme that is often overlooked – team wellness. It is so easy to be in the grips of raising funds, the next product, and all the other stresses that come with having a start up, not to mention the innate desire to want to change the world! Using my qualifications and experience, I am now working with some small teams on their in house wellness. From meditation, to boxing, both online and offline. I want to help people feel like they can take on the world, that they are important, and how they look after themselves is the single most important step to success. 

how and where?

Whether it be a once monthly session to get active in the office, or something a little more structured, I tailor my offerings based on the company, and individuals. Weekly check-ins, online 121s to discuss how best to take care of yourself, or consultations on how to implement a more well-rounded approach to the work / wellness balance. I deliver in-person sessions for teams in both Barcelona and the Algarve, or online from wherever you are. Sessions include boxing, dance, meditation, general wellness, stretching and talks. Encouraging not only a healthy workplace, but also a fun one, to switch off from the day-to-day, and engage in something new and exciting to get the blood flowing and brains refreshed. 

getting involved

Get in touch for a more tailored programme to suit your team wellness needs, or for a one-off session for your team. Sessions start at €60 and available both at the Barcelona studio, your office in Barcelona, online, or at a pre-agreed location. Packages available including monthly check ins, 121 consultations, team sessions, and the added option of private Masseuse Lisa Santamera to include office based per person short massages for the whole team. The perfect combination for a more productive and most importantly WELL team! 


I also host small team retreats, from our Algarve home. More information on those here.