5 things to STOP doing:

  1. Trying to please everyone
  2. Fearing change
  3. Living in the past
  4. Putting yourself down
  5. Overthinking

Imagine if we did these things all the time? How much it could/does control our lives. I have been through stages where they have, and it’s crippling. It means you’re never truly happy. It can be difficult, but being conscious about these things daily, and re-learning ways to let go of them is so important.

Imagine if I had listened to my negative inner thoughts that pop up from time to time? I wouldn’t have been on the crazy adventures that I have this year, or be opening the studio, I would be stuck, trying to please other people and being terrified to change.

Sometimes the first step is just admitting you are doing these things. Then starting to work on them. It’s definitely worth it.

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