Lifting weights and strength training can help you get a toned and sleek body. And by “toned,” I mean building lean muscle mass, and less body fat. Lifting weights literally means you are able to burn more fat and build lean muscle mass! Hoorah!

Unfortunately, a lot of women think if they pick up some heavy weights that they’ll wake up the next morning looking like a male superhero. Most people will never pick up enough weights to get a great training effect – how sad! If you’re one of those ladies who think you’ll get big and bulky from lifting weights, you need to dismiss that myth right now. At my recent ‘Weight lifting for Women’ workshop, we discussed just this, had a great session and even tried some moves with great technique!

Check out some of my benefits on strength and weight training!

The best exercises to use for the desired effect are big, compound movements, which basically means moves that use a lot of more muscle mass. Here are some examples:

  • LOWER BODY: Weighted Squat, deadlift, lunge
  • UPPER BODY: Boxing, push ups, weighted bench press, weighted shoulder press, & rows.
  • CORE: Weighted one leg raises, weighted sit ups & weighted Russian twists.

Strength Train With The Proper Intensity – You need to finish your sets knowing you could have done one absolutely no more than two more reps. It is that intensity that will actually challenge your muscles and help you build a lean and fit body! Woohoo!

Your exercise routine is incomplete without strength training. Many women think that lifting weights will make them muscular like men. Not true! Women do not produce as much testosterone, a hormone that drives muscle growth, as men. The fact is, strength training will help tone your body and make you look and feel 10-15 years younger. And I am not just making that up! Research shows that adult women feel great and are more energetic when they lift weights. It also offers many physical and mental health benefits that you should take full advantage of! Here are my favourite benefits to convince you to pump those weights and strength train!

If you are a woman reading this: get rid of the “I am a woman, I should not lift weights” mindset and kick some ass! There’s no high like improving your physical and mental fitness! It’s your time. Every person is different, and your specific regime can differ, but in general, aim for at least two strength/weight training sessions per week to see results.

Interested in strength/weight training for your fitness regime? Why not book a Personal Training session with me, or come along to one of my many strength based classes.