Clap when others win!

Published by Holly Barber on

Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. Last week I had a lunch date with my friend Michelle, owner of ethical fashion brand, we chatted, shared experiences, talked about our businesses, good points, bad points – and my god, it felt so good to just talk about it!

So many people know how amazing and free it is to be self employed, and let me tell you, having your own business is the most incredible feeling – but what some people, and even I forget sometimes, is that you also truly also put in 24/7 365 days a year when it is your own thing. Absolutely no paid holidays, no set wage, no colleagues, no call in sick days, nobody to tell you what needs doing, no schedule, constantly ON. Because my business is like my baby, it gets nurtured and treated like one too – as crazy as that sounds. I put my heart and soul into it, which is very rewarding, but it is also so great to be able to open up about that & chat to others who just get it, and don’t think you’re crazy! Opening up and being honest about everything is so empowering, and I walked away feeling filled with even more drive!

I think we should all let our passions drive us to constantly learn, inspire each other and always clap when we/others win! If you have a friend who is striving for goals, dreams, and a life they didn’t think possible – support them. It really does mean a lot. Trust me!

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