Spinach Rice Balls

These tasty balls are super high in protein and iron – both of which are so important for your healthy lifestyle. The spinach, rice flour and almonds, are great sources rich in plant-protein and iron. They are great to add to a meal, have in a wrap with some peppers and onions, or even on their own, dipped in hummus. …

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Loaded Potato

A delicious meal to enjoy on your healthy lifestyle! Potatoes aren’t the enemy. Potato is a great source of carbohydrates, especially great on active workout days, as carbs are your bodies main energy source. Enjoying them in moderation is key. They also have some pretty unknown benefits, including their high vitamin C content, more potassium …

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Banana Bread

11am on a rainy Sunday. I walk out of the gym after a cardio session, and my friend sends me picture of his delicious looking banana bread. Seed planted. I had to have banana bread. Today. Now when I look at recipes online, especially vegan ones, they sometimes have such crazy ingredients, or are full …

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